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January 25, 2011

Hello from Lauren

Hello Everyone! 

I am a senior of Communications Design at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design studying under Fred Murrell. In the fall of last year, I knew I wanted to work on a large scale project, in my last semester at school, offering real ways to help people instead of the usual hypothetical settings we work within during our college years. After talking and exchanging ideas with people around me, I brought my ideas to Fred. It was then he introduced me to $300House and I become immediately excited over the possibilities this project presented. 

After researching many places around the world in need of housing help, I could not steer my head away from Haiti. A year since the horrible earthquake hit Haiti on January 12, displaced Haitians are still living in vast and crumbling tent cities with little means to begin building a better tomorrow for themselves. A lot of international help to Haiti has been receiving a lot of criticism from Haitians. While the outside help may be providing things for the temporary, it is ultimately enabling a poverty stricken state.

As a student at RMCAD, I'm interested in finding a way to truly help the displaced citizens of Haiti. I want to collaborate and design with people to find a way to help people, in the truest sense.

I'm very excited for this semester of work and am grateful to be a part of this community!

Lauren Mae Cales


I was honestly amazed with how well this blog was done, beautiful layout, professional writing, great job! :)