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February 12, 2011

$300 House Submission: Javier Tenorio and Fernando Garcia-Landois of Owens Corning


Even as we were trying to organize an Open Challenge for the $300 House, we received this submission from Javier Tenorio and Fernando Garcia-Landois of Owens Corning. Thanks guys!  In addition to helping design a $300 House, your paper helps us set the standard format for the entire project!

The paper has six sections:

1.    essential house areas definition
2.    customer needs approach
3.    design association for needs
4.    a design proposal
5.    proposed materials
6.    costs and conclusions

Of particular interest to us are sections 2 and 3 - because they help us see the connections between customer needs and design:


Download the entire thing here >>

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This is a very helpful post. As we start working on this project in the next few months, we look forward to using a similar framework to make sure all basis are covered.