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March 18, 2011

Quick Update from India

After 10 days in India we are now approaching the end of our trip.The adventure has been full of contrasts and has provided us with many valuable insights for our project.


We met with several nonprofit organizations, including SOIL, CORD in Delhi and Pratham in Mumbai, as well as with government officials in Raipur. We also met with several educational organizations and interacted with students to solicit their perspectives and gather feedback on the project as Indian future business owners. Finally, we met with for-profit organizations that are already working on housing projects.


However, the most amazing part of our trip was visiting several "slums" in both Mumbai and Raipur. We met incredible people whose hopes and happiness will remain in our minds as we work on the project.


More to come on the trip takeaways but a few pictures to enjoy for now.

The Tuck FYP Team