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June 27, 2011

Awaken Mozambique: A letter from Felisberto Tole

Felisberto Tole is the team leader in Beira, Mozambique for Awaken Mozambique - an organization founded by an Australian college professor. He has just recovered, we've learned, from a fight with malaria.

I am writing to you from Awaken Mozambique an association here in Beira, Sofala Province, Mozambique. We would like to know how can we assist you , or what kind of information you need from us, and we can then take it from there. 

We have a lot of people in a situation of almost homeless or living in sheds. so  we look forward  to hear from you as far as we are concerned we are ready to help you help our nation in providing housing.

Rambique 089.jpg

We are engaged in helping the people to come out of extreme poverty by teaching and giving them money  for them to learn to do small businesses, so that they will be able to support their families, send their children to school, and afford to get medical help.

Rambique 085.jpg

Our target group are those people who,poor, who are living in desperate situations, most in rent house which are in very bad state, vulnerable to mosquitoes that causes malaria, cholera, most of them are not educated, without employment, and those with employment the salary is less than 100 USD - Imagine ? House to pay rent, food, 5 -7 kids in families and that is not counting with the other relatives, schooling, medicine as you can see the list goes on and on, these people have no access to Banks because the interest rate are very high and they have nothing to secure.

So these are the kind of people we are seeking to help, so that they might be able to help themselves through the business.

Rambique 082.jpg

Our biggest challenges are funds to enable us help the people. We are on a very high demand here, for the word of mouth about us has gone very far but we are not able to satisfy many due to the lack of finances.

We need training, coaching and expertise in creating businesses or services they will generate income for these families to run, which are reasonable to their level.

We need people to sponsor small businesses and yes keep in touch with them and see how your money can change a family for the better forever.

Well this can go on and on. But in general this is what we do and who we are and this is our heart.

If you have any questions please do contact.

Please find attached some photos as examples of the housing situations here.( may i add : houses without water , electricity - people use paraffin lamp and drink well water ... most because they can't afford to buy clean water )

Best Regards