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November 27, 2012

The $300 House: A Katerva Award Nominee


The $300 House has just been nominated for the Katerva Awards.

A few words about the Katerva Awards from the folks at Katerva: The purpose of the Katerva Awards is to identify and amplify the world's most innovative and promising new ideas and initiatives in sustainability. The Katerva Awards have been called the Nobel Prize of Sustainability by Reuters; they are the pinnacle of global sustainability recognition. Through them, the best ground-breaking ideas on the planet are identified and judged through a series of evaluation panels made up of the world's leading experts in the field. Katerva isn't looking for ideas that will improve the world in small increments. We are looking for paradigm-busting ideas. Our Award winners don't simply move the needle when it comes to efficiency, lifestyle or consumption; they change the game entirely. This is a celebration of radical innovation and an acceleration of much needed change.

Let's go!

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