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June 8, 2013

$300 House: an update from Harvey Lacey

I just chatted with Harvey this weekend, and here’s a video he shared that shows his work at Haiti Communitere. The camera follows a group of women from Cite Soleil in Port au Prince as they build a house using styrofoam collected from the streets, canals, and ravines as a source material.


What’s great about Harvey is his passion for doing something. He always has something profoundly insightful to share.  He strongly advocates the empowerment of women as the gamechangers in the community, which, if you watch the video, is exactly what happens!

$300 House: an update from the Dartmouth posse

Here's a link to an article by Dartmouth's Julia McElhinney which tells us more about what they've been doing with the $300 House concept.  Led by Jack Wilson, the project is helping Haiti's former Prime Minister, Madame Michèle Pierre-Louis, who asked Dartmouth to support the work of her non-profit FOKAL in developing a park in the neighborhood of Martissant, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.